End User License Agreement Solidworks

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Not all ITAs are created equal. Some contracts provide for acceptance of the agreement by simply opening the welded package; Some require the user to withdraw a signed agreement or acceptance card from the manufacturer; Some require the user to accept the agreement after installing the app by clicking on an acceptance form displayed on the user`s screen. The latter method is typical of applications that can be downloaded from the Internet. In any case, the user has the option not to accept the EULA, and then give up the rights and ability to use the software. b. The network may contain SNLs used in different countries, as long as each LNL is authorized for the country where it is used. The required number of SNLs to be used in a given country must be purchased by a DS distributor in that country. Example: SNLs managed by a server in the United States and installed on it can be used by a person in Brazil and by a person in Mexico as long as one SNL has been purchased in Brazil and the other SNL in Mexico. If the server on which an SNL is installed is located in a country other than the country for which the SNL has been authorized, you must notify your DS reseller at the time of ordering, so that the SNLs can be properly managed. The above sentence does not apply if (i) you purchase a license for an offer made from a reseller in a country of the European Union or the European Free Trade Association and (ii) in a country of the European Union or the European Free Trade Association. (iii) Violation of applicable laws and regulations by you or any of your authorized users.

1.C. Additional License Terms for SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard or Professional and SOLIDWORKS Manage Professional. (a) DS grants solidworks PDM Professional and SOLIDWORKS Manage Professional software on a server + Client Access License [CAL] model, a pro-processor model for Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2008 R2 and earlier, or a pro-kernel model for SQL Server 2012 and later. You may use solidworks PDM standard or professional software in a network or other multi-station/client environment, if you have a standard or professional license per user (1) SOLIDWORKS PDM associated with the SOLIDWORKS PDM standard or professional database or archive server (and, only for SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional licenses, with the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional web server). The SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition license, Runtime Restricted-Use Offering, contains additional provisions for concurrent use. The SQL Server 2014 Express Edition license terms and the SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition, Runtime Restricted-Use Offering-Lizenz license terms come with commands for the standard SOLIDWORKS PDM software, SOLIDWORKS Professional software, and/or SOLIDWORKS Manage Professional software and are included by reference. (b) SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional contains embedded software provided by Oracle Corporation and its affiliates (the “Oracle Programs”) and, notwithstanding the provisions of Section 1 above, Oracle or its licensors retain all intellectual property and intellectual property rights in the Oracle Programs and are each a third party beneficiary of this Agreement. .