Lake Babine Nation Foundation Agreement

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Lake Babine Nation and the federal and B.C governments have reached a new reconciliation agreement that includes a 20-year vision for recognizing and implementing the nation`s rights to self-determination, self-determination and Aboriginal title. Bennett said the agreement sets a path for future agreements with the nation, which will recognize and gradually implement rights and titles, and said it provides Lake Babine with the resources to develop its own governance model. The process included both hereditary and elected leadership, she noted. The agreement aims to enable the nation to achieve its economic, political and social aspirations, for example. B strengthening its engagement in the province`s forest sector and funding social programs for equity, education, language, and child and family services. Canada supports Aboriginal reconstruction efforts. The agreement will increase Lake Babine Nation`s participation in the forestry sector, the economic backbone of B.C`s northern central interior. The agreement provides a roadmap between Babine Lac and the federal and provincial governments to implement babine lake self-management, stimulate economic development, cooperate on important land and resource decisions, and promote the health and well-being of the community. “Guided by the principles contained in the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, this is an exciting example of the new and innovative agreements that B.C.

is creating in collaboration with First Nations and the federal government,” said B.C. Prime Minister John Horgan in the press release. “We are signing this agreement today without sacrificing our rights or title.” – Chief Gordon Alec, Lake Babine Nation The 20-year contract was signed virtually by Chief Gordon Alec, B.C. Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation Minister Scott Fraser and federal Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett on Friday, September 18. The agreement initially provided them with financial benefits of $43 million and land benefits of about $150 million in the form of 20,000 hectares of land. “You are an important reminder of why we have worked so hard for many years to reach this phase,” he said. “This day is for them, because it is up to us to create a better future. A future where children and grandchildren can live their lives in self-determination with the advantage of their Aboriginal title and in health and dignified relationships with British Columbia, Canada and their citizens. A north B .C.

The First Nation`s agreement with the provincial and federal governments is celebrated as a major step towards securing Indigenous rights and title that could be a model for other reconciliation agreements.. . .