Timeshare Rental Agreement

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Cancellation of the rental If you cancel the rent, I will list the rental unit online. If I manage to rent the device online, I will refund the rental amount received after deducting all applicable rental commissions and a cancellation fee of 200 USD. Renting your timeshare can be a good way to recover some or all of your annual maintenance fees, but protection must be provided for both the landlord and tenant to ensure that both parties agree before the money changes ownership to pay the rent, as well as to ensure that the right data/room/etc are available to the tenant when checking in! You can find a complete overview of how timeshare rental should work in our guide “How to rent your timeshare” here: How to rent your timeshare and how to check if timeshare is legitimate Finally, you can browse thousands of timeshare rentals here on TUG Timeshare Rental Ads marketplace as well as last minute rentals, all under $110/night: Last Minute Timeshare Rental 6 Bargain. RENTAL PRICE AND PAYMENT: The tenant pays in advance to the lessor the total amount of the rent (described in section 4), consisting of rent and a refundable deposit, by the following method (circular 1): • PayPal – e-mail address is: • Payment order – The funds are released by the bank to ensure authenticity • certified check – the funds are released by the bank to ensure authenticity • Other: 7. DEPOSIT: The deposit is refunded to the tenant by the owner within 14 days of departure, provided that: A. There is no damage to the timeshare unit, furniture, furniture and/or personal property; B. The Timeshare unit has no shortage of furnishings, furniture or personal belongings. C. There was no control over the departure date/departure time from the resort for the time indicated in section 3C-3E; D. there are no telephone or other fees charged by the management company; E.

there has been no infringement or violation of this Treaty; and F. The tenant checked on time and correctly and handed over all the keys. 8. TIMELY EVACUATION; ÜBERHALTEN: The tenant undertakes to immediately clear the timeshare unit and leave before the departure date set by the resort for the time indicated in section 3C-3E. The tenant agrees to leave the timeshare unit in good condition and in your condition. The tenant will remove all waste and debris before check-out. The tenant cannot hold in advance without the explicit written agreement of the lessor. If the tenant stops, the tenant agrees to pay $par day or a fraction of it to hold, and also agrees that the tenant may be transferred to another time-sharing unit inside the resort, as indicated by the owner/resort.9. OCCUPANCY: This timeshare unit can only be inhabited by the tenant (i.e.

only by the people mentioned in section 2) and by the tenant`s additional guests, but not by the maximum occupancy allowed for the unit.10. INDEMNIFICATION: The tenant agrees to be fully responsible for all customers and their behavior. The tenant agrees to keep the owner and/or resort harmless for: A. Damage to the timeshare unit, furniture, furniture and/or personal property caused by the tenant and/or tenant; B. . . .